Lightning - Establishing Parent & Child Assets


You can establish a relationship between your assets, that are in the same location/group. By establishing a Parent/Child relationship between assets, it allows you the possibility of sharing meters/logs, report on combined costs, and share movement history between sites & locations.  


To take a Parent asset, and assign a child asset:

1.  Click on the asset of your choosing.

2.  Click on the asset details icon.

3.  Click on the Child Assets icon.

4.  Select the blue + 

5.  Only assets in the same location/group folder will appear.  You can either search for an asset, or scroll down to the desired item, and select it.  


To assign a child asset to a parent asset:

1.  Click on the asset that will act as the parent asset.

2.  Click on the asset details icon.

3.  Scroll down to the Parent Asset field and click on the globe icon

4.  Search & select the Asset to be named the parent asset.

5.  Click the Save button at the bottom of the screen


To take advantage of the Parent/Child feature, the option must first be turned on.  To do so, go to:
Settings >> Marketplace >> Parent Child Assets and toggle the feature on.

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