The Assets Module is the heart of the ManagerPlus program.  It is where all of your equipment, facilities, and grounds are defined and maintained.

One of the major advantages of ManagerPlus is the flexibility it gives you in defining and maintaining almost anything that needs scheduled maintenance.  The Assets Module allows you to define and track Assets by the entity they are assigned to.

Being able to move an Asset from group to group, or even Entity to Entity is a key element of managing your Assets.


1.  Log into your ManagerPlus account and click on the Assets icon on the side ribbon.

2.  Open an already existing Asset from your Asset list.  

3.  Click on the View Asset Details.   A side panel will appear giving you several different options.

4.  Click on Change Site or Change Group icon to be able to move the Asset from one Entity, Group or Budget to another.

If there are any Work Orders that are attached to the Asset that need to be completed, those Work Orders need to be completed before the Asset can be transferred.

5.  Select where you want the Asset to be moved to, then click on Save.

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