This article will walk you through setting up your named and mobile users. Understanding each user field will help when adding or changing a user. A description of each field is listed below. 


1.  Log into ManagerPlus and click on the Settings icon located on the left, followed by Employees & Users.

2.  For New Users/Employee, click Create New Employee and select either Full User, Mobile User, or Requester, and fill out the required fields and click the Save icon.

To Edit a Current User/Employee, select the User you need to edit and make the changes to the appropriate fields, click the Save icon when finished.

Useful Information and Links:

Glossary of Terms:

User/Employee Type:

Full User: Has all features with Roles to control/restrict access.

Mobile User: Has full mobile access with limited web access.  Includes Email Alerts and Requests.

Requester: Submit work to Request Portals.  Limited communication with Asset Managers.


Department: What department the User/Employee belongs to.

Teams: What team, if any, the User/Employee belongs to.

Barcode/Tag: If there is a barcode or tag associated with the User/Employee, it may be entered here.

Used for Work: Check If the user will be assigned to complete work orders.

Labor Rate: Enter a labor rate for the user. This will be used to track labor costs of the user on work orders. 

Contact Details:

User Id: This is where the User Id is assigned.

Full Name: Full name of the User/Employee.

Preferred Name: Can be the same as Full Name or given a different name.

Email Address: User/Employee email address.

Phone & Mobile Phone: Phone numbers used by the User/Employee.

Address: Form fill for the current address of the User/Employee.

User Security Privileges:    A user must be saved to assign Security Privileges. You can add phone numbers and pictures after the user has been saved.

The default User Security Privileges selections are Administrator, Full User, Read Only, and No Access. Each has different levels of access. Ask your system administrator to change user security privileges. If you are new to ManagerPlus or don't have a system administrator and need help, please contact customer service at 800-730-9965.