An Introduction to ManagerPlus Lightning

ManagerPlus Lightning utilizing today's most cutting-edge web technologies making it the fastest and most intuitive asset management solution available.  The premise of ManagerPlus Lightning is two fold:
1. To give you unparalleled visibility into your business operations.

2. To make asset management great again by creating fast, intelligent and connected solutions.

ManagerPlus Lightning collects a lot of data.  From daily maintenance activities, to operator requests, inspections, and machine data.  There is a proverbial beehive of information on your assets, teams, and operations.  This is why Lightning had to evolve into a more intelligent solution to help you make decision quickly without having to dig around for data.  

A few things to notice as you accelerate your goals using Lightning.  

1. KPI's throughout - every list in Lightning has Key Performance Indicators that highlight things you should be aware of. Plus, they are clickable.  Clicking on the KPI's will filter your list to those you are assessing.

 2. Lists have notices that further indicate issues.  Lists are also sorted by these notices by default in order to push critical records to the top.  For example work orders with a "Critical" priority are filtered to the top of the work order list.

3. Reporting - the reporting module now comes with graphs and in report active filtering.

4. ManagerPlus | Business Intelligence - The Bi Module comes with ManagerPlus Lightning but with increased functionality. This includes startup dashboards and custom printables.  

As you begin utilizing ManagerPlus Lightning be aware of how your activities influence these KPI's.  If there are KPI's you need, you can create them in ManagerPlus | Bi and share them with your colleagues to make sure that you are towing the line together.

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