Creating an Express Report from your Business Intelligence module is a simple process.  The following steps will help you create an Express Report:


1.  After logging into ManagerPlus, click on the Business Intelligence icon in the ribbon on main page.

2.  Click on the Create New Report icon on the top left corner of the page, followed by Express Report.

3.  Name the new report in the field Enter the Report Name section and select the folder for the report, then select Next.

4.  Select the categories you wish to include in the report.  When you have selected the desired categories, click the Next icon.

 There is the option to suppress any duplication's in the fields selected.  Click on the box next to the field and this will remove any duplication's.

5.  Selecting the appropriate Sort Fields is the next section.  After selecting the Sort Fields, click Next.

6.  After selecting the Sort Fields, select the appropriate Filters.  After selecting the Filters, click Next.

7.  Pick the appropriate Layout column.  After choosing the Layout columns, click Next.

8.  Next, in the Options section, there are three categories to go through: General, Export, and Advanced.  After selecting the needed information in the three categories, select Save and Close.  You can now run the report by selecting it in the folder that you created it in.

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