Setting up a Report for an Inspection is a simple process and can be done by completing the following set of instructions:

This article applies to + Basic, + Professional, and + Enterprise.


1.  After logging into your ManagerPlus account, click on the Reports icon on the main ribbon.

2.  On the left-hand side of the screen is a list of different report categories.  Click on the Inspections category, followed by the Inspection report generator.

3.  Click on the Default View drop-down menu, then select the desired output option.  Below are the definitions of the different Default View options:

4.  Select from the list of fields the items that you want to include in the content of the report.  Depending on the report you are generating, the available options may change.

Click Include Criteria on Report to include a list of parameters selected in the Options and Report Criteria groups in the report.

Click the Layout drop-down, the select the layout orientation, either landscape or portrait.  Depending on the report, only one option may be available.

In the Options group, click on the Log Reading drop-down menu and select Entry, Last Entry, or Current.  

In the Options group, click on the Asset drop-down menu and select None, Summary, or Detail.

5.  In the Report Criteria group, click the Selection drop-down menu and select the option that best describes the type of records you want to include in the report.  The default is All Records.

To further customize the content you want to include, click Add Search Criteria item to display a search criteria box.  

6.  Click the Run Report button to generate the report.   The generated report will open in the format selected in the Default View field.

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Screen:  The generated report opens in a preview window.  The preview window navigation bar lets you move through the report and/or search for specific data.  You can also click Export to export the displayed report to Excel, PDF, or Word formats.  The screen output is a good way to preview report information to ensure it appears as intended.

PDF:  Opens the generated report in PDF format.  You can save and print the report as needed.

Excel:  Exports the generated report to an Excel file.  You can save and/or open the file to view and print the report.

Email:  Sends the generated report in PDF format to the email specified in the Email Address field.   The generated PDF is also displayed in a browser window.