Creating a Work Request Through the Request Portal

A Work Request can be used in several ways. The primary use is to receive requests from others outside the maintenance staff and then either resolve the issue at the request level or create a Work Order to resolve the issue.

To create a request, you can access the form in several ways: ManagerPlus Mobile App, Request Management Console, and a Request Portal.

 To learn how to create a Work Request through ManagerPlus Mobile, click here.

 To learn how to create a Work Request through the Request Management Console, click here

To create a Work Request using the Request Portal follow the steps below.

Step 1.

Open your companies Request Portal by entering in the custom URL.

 If you do not know the URL for your companies Request Portal, reach out to your ManagerPlus Administrator, or see the article Finding your Companies Request Portal URL.

Step 2.

Enter the appropriate information.

Definitions of Fields: *Indicates a required field.

*Entity: The entity is what location the Work Request originates from.

Asset: Asset that this Work Request is for. This is optional, because the Work Request may not be for an asset that is tracked in ManagerPlus.

*Subject: This is a generic statement defining the topic of the Work Request.

Attachments: If there are any pictures needing to be attached, this is where you will put them.

Description:  This is a more in-depth description of the Work Request.  Describe the work needed in more detail.

*E-Mail:  This is the e-mail of the requestor so that any follow up can be made to the submitted request.

Name:  This is the name of the requester seeking the Work Request.

Step 3.

When finished, click on the Submit button at the bottom of the screen.

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