Downloading ManagerPlus Mobile and logging in is a simple process. Follow these steps to login.

Step 1.

First, tap one of the following links from your mobile device to download the ManagerPlus app:



Or you may search for "ManagerPlus" in your device's app store to download the app (Google Play for Android or the App Store for iOS)..

There are two different ManagerPlus apps. The correct app has the cloud symbol as part of the design.

Step 2.

To login to ManagerPlus Mobile for the first time you will need three items: Company Code, User-Name, and User Password. If you don't know your Company Code, see article Where to find the Company Code for Your Mobile Device.

If you use ManagerPlus on a computer, then your User-Name and Password for ManagerPlus Mobile is the same. If you don't use ManagerPlus on a computer and don't know your User-Name and Password, contact your company's ManagerPlus administrator or ManagerPlus Technical Support at 800-730-9809.

Step 3

Tap on SAVE at the top of your screen.

The Company Code, User-Name, and Password will save so you wont have to enter that information again.