RELEASE DATE: 07/03/2019

Version - 4.0.636

ManagerPlus Mobile

New Features

  • Optimizations made to the work order history so that this data can be seen more efficiently on poor connections - note: work order history does require a live connection but optimizations were made to try to accommodate slower connections
  • Added barcode scanning to contact lists (i.e. contact custom field)


  • Fixed an issue reverting ordered quantities in Purchase Orders after saving / syncing the mobile app
  • Corrected an issue that would not allow closed work orders to load - this affected several Android based devices
  • Fixed an issue with the due date being cleared out in inspections
  • Pre-Populated Work Order Service Notes now display correctly in the service items area of the mobile work order
  • Did some stabilization work to the cycle counts process - This was to correct errors and crashing when doing large counts
  • Corrected some inconsistencies in the work order detail when viewing on a tablet