RELEASE DATE: 6/14/2018

Version -

ManagerPlus Cloud

New Features

  • Introduced substantial changes to the QuickBooks Connector
    • Added the ability to select which aspects of the connector you wish to use and not use
    • Added support for QuickBooks Canada
    • Removed employee sync
    • Synchronized contacts now using the QuickBooks unique ID instead of the name - this is to ensure uniqueness in the contacts.
    • Reworked the Customer and Vendor sync to operate one way pulling information from QuickBooks, but not pushing changes or new contacts up to QuickBooks from ManagerPlus.  
      Developer Note: This update simplifies the QuickBooks Connector.  We were seeing instances duplicates and data conflicts as records were created and deleted between ManagerPlus and QuickBooks, often times overriding recent changes done by the other system.  Under that premise, we have decided to position QuickBooks as the system of record for Customers and Vendors for this connector in that the finance system will be the most curated system for payables and receivables.  With respect to employees, we have had very few synchronization requests, and in an effort to simplify the amount of data passed between the two systems we have removed it from the connector.  
  • Work Orders connected to failed Geotab DVIR failures will communicate back up to Geotab Drive when the repair order is completed - this to be signed off as 'safe to operate' in Geotab Drive
  • New connector scheduling options for the Geotab DVIR sync
  • Work order parts now searches part barcodes
  • The mobile work order site /m has been retired
  • The mobile work request site /wr/mobile has been retired
  • The 'Work Requests' mobile app has been removed from the app store
  • The 'Logs' mobile app has been removed from the app store 
    Developer Note: These mobile options are remnants of older solutions and are now available in our current mobile app. All of the functionality that has been removed is now available in our current mobile app plus additional features previously unavailable. View our webinar on recent mobile app changes here

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  • Corrected an error being seen when running the 'Technician Dashboard'
  • Logs now accepts 0 as an acceptable log entry on the work order detail (note that the log validation logic is still in place to determine if this entry would create a log warning)