RELEASE NOTES: 2/09/2018

RELEASE DATE: 2/09/2018

Version -

ManagerPlus Cloud

New Features

  • Asset Tracking can now suppress the auto movement of assets between locations within the Asset Tracking module based on location data captured from connectors
  • Added part images, barcodes, notes and part invoicing data to ManagerPlus | Bi


  • Updated the VisionLink connector correcting a disconnect issue
  • Asset Tracking locations moved by a ManagerPlus process now read "System" as the creator of the transaction
  • Fixed a scrolling issue in the vendor list that would display duplicate vendors
  • Corrected the issue with the asset list prohibiting the addition of "Parent Asset"
  • Asset custom fields now appropriately show in the asset info tab on the work order
  • Corrected criteria usage in the employee labor report - the report now respects employee name when using custom criteria

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