RELEASE NOTES: 08/31/2017

RELEASE DATE: 08/31/2017

Version -

ManagerPlus Cloud

New Features

  • Performance enhancements to the Schedules Due Module - We were seeing slowness in some browsers, namely Edge and IE, resulting from drawing the percentage due bars. The way this is handled and stored was modified by increasing performance substantially in those modules, especially when using Edge and IE
  • Added the log type to the log warnings management console
  • The work order icon is now clickable in the log warnings management console - The icon opens the work order in a new tab for log warnings originating from work orders
  • Added a new message in work orders for log entries that are less than the previous entry - you now get an error message showing you the description of why the log entry isn't being accepted. For example: it will now display that you are trying to enter in an hours reading of 782 today but yesterday the unit reported 843 hours - making today's entry less than yesterdays
  • Implemented the log posting validation checks in the Inspections Module


  • Logs that use/consume inventory are now showing cost when cost override is being used
  • The work request setting that sets the work order due date, is now setting the date correctly when creating work orders from requests
  • Corrected an error when using a security user for the work requests 'Auto-Login' contact
  • The work order summary report now correctly sums the totals when optionally displayed in notes
  • Can now add notes in mass on work orders when using the mass edit 'Modify Selected Records' option in the list view
  • Fixed an issue on the work order labor tab that removed the budget after subsequent saves

ManagerPlus Mobile

New Features

  • Passwords can now be reset after password expiration on the mobile app


  • Improved app stability for the newly released mobile app

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