RELEASE DATE: 08/24/2017

Version -

ManagerPlus Cloud

New Features

  • Added checks to work order log postings to ensure bad logs are not posted via the work order. Accompanying this, we removed the 'Post Logs' and 'History' buttons from the work order logs sub tab - this was conflicting with the way that logs are posted when the work order is completed
  • Columns can now be resized on the work request website
  • Added a confirmation to changing work request users' passwords


  • Corrected an issue causing the actions column on the log details screen to disappear when using smaller screens
  • Corrected a criteria discrepancy error on the Schedule Profile report
  • Fixed an error keeping work request users from seeing assets in the logs page of the work request site
  • Corrected an issue with the Asset ID email to request tag - the email to request now picks up the tag and sets the asset correctly based on the tag - in addition, tags are removed from the notes if they were successfully utilized