RELEASE NOTES: 07/20/2017

RELEASE DATE: 07/20/2017

Version -

ManagerPlus Cloud

New Features

  • Updated the in-app import for Assets, Vendors, and Parts to only be accessible by users with configuration rights - This will increase security.
  • Added a "Complete All" option to service items
  • Added the ability to expand and collapse all service items at once
  • Added an excel count sheet export to the cycle count part list - this correlates with the new in-app cycle count part import feature.
  • New in-app import for Vendors
  • New in-app import for Parts
  • New in-app import for Cycle Count Parts
  • Added a quantity badge to the attachments tabs indicating the number of attachments on a record - applies to all attachments tabs in all modules.
  • Added the ability to filter by work order note date within the work order summary report
  • Added password expiration options to the security policy¬†


  • Counting nonstock parts now correctly sets these parts to stock/tracked parts
  • Corrected an issue causing some weekly notify emails to not trigger correctly
  • The Service Item Lookup now correctly displays large numbers of records
  • Fixed an issue with the Schedule Due list view extending beyond the edge of the page

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