RELEASE NOTES: 06/08/2017

RELEASE DATE: 06/08/2017

Version -

ManagerPlus Cloud

New Features

  • Two new Inspection Notifications have been released - List Notification and Audit Notification
  • Look in our Asset List menu for our new in-app Asset Import. This guides users through an import wizard
  • There is a new log warning for min/max options for the asset category. If no initial override is set, a default min/max from the asset category will be used to determine min/max log warnings
  • New Meter Reset button is now available on the Logs Detail screen
  • Look for our new Warnings Management Console. This new module displays all log warnings currently in affect, and allows the user to clear it from display if applicable
  • Elongated the service item description field in the service item creation/edit process
  • Log entities have been added to the Inspections report


  • Modified the clock in/clock out time stamp to accurately account for time zone offset override
  • Elements of the Transfers Module now visible in Firefox
  • The part description field in the new part tab located within the Purchase Order Module now accurately accepts 100 characters - up from 25
  • The issue restricting users with the 'Reopen PO' permission from reopening POs has been corrected.

Mobile Applications

New Features

  • The new ManagerPlus app is available in the App and Play Store. With this release, there will be some limited log entry functionality

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