RELEASE DATE: 05/25/2017

Version -

ManagerPlus Cloud


  • An issue that was causing the asset detail's work order history tab to reorder columns unexpectedly when editing the column layout has been corrected
  • Error fixed that was causing the loading graphic to continuously display when sending certain reports to excel - even after the report was generated
  • Corrected the over-shortening of UPC labels printed using the part UPC report
  • Corrected the clock-in/clock-out function to appropriately consider appropriate time zone offset from the company settings
  • Added additional restrictions to sent transfers - this was done to prohibit alterations to transfers that have already been sent
  • Sending a transfer now appropriately saves all edits prior to making the send
  • The insufficient quantities flag in transfers now only flags when there is insufficient quantities prior to sending the transfer - as opposed to after as well