RELEASE DATE: 05/04/2017

Version -

ManagerPlus Cloud

New Features

  • Removed the inventory adjustments lookup menu option
  • *The ability to change the work order status from the status drop down menu has been removed


  • The issue causing a selection of the wrong record when double clicking in the list views has been corrected - this was primarily affecting the work order list. Clicking the detail tab was unaffected by this issue.
  • Additional checks and messages have been added to the work order log postings. We were seeing some errors in the calculations that are made in resetting schedules. This was being caused by a combination of lack of historical log data as well as bad log entries.

*Developer's Note:  This decision was made as the status change is where much of your processing and permission logic resides.  The behavior of this type of action does not merit being in a drop down, but should be a button.  Users will now need to rely on the status change buttons that reside just above the work order header information. The status field is now a display rather than a drop down.