RELEASE NOTES: 04/20/2017

RELEASE DATE: 04/20/2017

Version -

ManagerPlus Cloud

New Features

  • Added a weekly report function for Business Intelligence graphs
  • Modified the quick purchase process on work order parts - a simplified pop up now appears
  • We now limit profile reports to 200 records - i.e. work order profile - and summary reports to 2000 records
  • Default view for reports is now PDF instead of HTML - user preference is retained
  • Switched the work order part grid to batch editing to allow for easier in-line editing
  • Users can now enter in a zero value for non metered log on work orders for non-metered logs


  • Fixed various display issues associated with the contact "File As" field
  • Corrected an issue with the record not saving when editing other costs on work orders
  • Corrected a loading screen hang up issue occuring when expanding grouped lists
  • Fixed an issue that was ignoring date/time changes in the logs list view
  • Corrected an issue receiving assets on a purchase order under conditions where the asset already existed - we now give nicer explanation instead of an error
  • We now give an explanation as to prohibitions to deleting a warehouse if unable to delete
  • *HotFix 03/24/2017* - Corrected an inssue in the Professional edition in creating work orders

Mobile Applications

New Features

  • Nothing New


  • Fixed an asset selection issue - requires app update

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