RELEASE NOTES: 03/17/2017

RELEASE DATE: 03/17/2017

Version -

ManagerPlus Cloud

New Features

  • New QR Scanning Request Option: Users can now optionally scan a QR code to submit a request for an asset - This can be seen in your request settings
  • Added additional lines for bar code printing - these lines can now all be set to the desired fields
  • Reworked the Transfer Profile Report - It is now Labeled Transfer Packing Slip


  • Corrected an issue with newly created parts not showing up on purchase orders when creating the part from the purchase order detail screen
  • Fixed a screen refresh issue which caused unsaved changes to be lost when completing service items
  • Fixed an issue with┬ácustom fields not displaying on the Asset List Report after they were selected to be displayed

Mobile Applications

New Features

  • Updated the scanning component for IOS


  • Nothing Fixed

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