RELEASE NOTES: 02/09/2017

RELEASE DATE: 02/09/2017

Version -

ManagerPlus Cloud

New Features

  • Added the labor date to the printed work order's labor section
  • Added an in-line note field for other costs on the work order other costs tab
  • Added some additional sorts to the work order summary report
  • Eased the warehouse locking requirement introduced last week - warehouse can be altered as long as the PO is in the starting PO status and has no received line items


  • Introduced major speed improvements to the cycle count module processing
  • All custom field types are now useable in the Work Request site
  • Corrected a visibility issue causing credit memos to disappear on save in the Corporate Edition
  • Corrected an error being seen when creating new vendors from the PO module

Mobile Applications

New Features

  • Nothing New


  • Nothing Fixed

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