RELEASE NOTES: 11/10/2016

RELEASE DATE: 11/10/2016

Version -

ManagerPlus Cloud

New Features

  • Made window resizing easier in the work order service item lookup


  • Fixed an issue with the calendar not showing up on report criteria
  • Corrected formatting issues on the printed invoice
  • Corrected the issue of the schedule next date not immediately reflecting changes made when adjusting a schedule's next date
  • Asset lookup in the work order module now remembers your selection
  • Fixed an issue that prohibited some user from posting logs in the log list view
  • Corrected an issue that prohibited note entry on certain versions of Internet Explorer
  • Can now add additional units of measure
  • Corrected drag and drop inconsistencies when moving assets to new groups in the asset list view
  • Improved performance in warehouse management

Mobile Applications

New Features

  • Nothing new


  • Added time stamp to the log date in the log entry app
  • Tightened up the security on the log entry app to correlate better with one's security role
  • Corrected an issue in the log entry app required a re-login to display changes after deleting a log entry

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