RELEASE NOTES: 11/03/2016

RELEASE DATE: 11/03/2016

Version -

ManagerPlus Cloud

New Features

  • Added time stamp to the asset history tab's date fields


  • Improved the ease of resizing the service item lookup
  • Fixed an extensive wait time if a default budget was not set creating new warehouses
  • Made corrections to the purchase order module that was causing an error for users with very limited permissions
  • Corrected an issue with adding asset notes that affected some Internet Explorer users
  • Removed a slight delay when adding notes
  • Fixed an issue that was causing buttons in the service item lookup to be unresponsive on when adding service codes via a work order labor record
  • Reactive work order security role now correctly restricts the reactivation work orders

Mobile Applications

New Features

  • Nothing new


  • Fixed entity security in the new log entry app
  • Corrected a refreshing issue that occurred when removing log entries in the new log entry app

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