RELEASE NOTES: 10/27/2016

RELEASE DATE: 10/27/2016

Version -

ManagerPlus Cloud

New Features

  • Introduced new Connectors Module home page with 9 connectors. These connectors are introduced in an open BETA to our current user base
  • Added new totals to the Employee Labor Report
  • Added new totals to the Inventory Stocking Levels Report
  • Added additional sorting options for Cycle Counts


  • Optimized note input removing a slight delay when creating a new note
  • Updated the "Actions" column in the grid view to be more easily navigated
  • Corrected navigation issues when toggling between entities in the logs module
  • Disassociating log types from asset categories now correctly removes the asset log warning threshold options from the log detail page
  • Changing asset group name now updates the asset list page without a manual refresh
  • Made adjustments that cased work request notification not to send the notification in certain situations
  • Visualization updates required for Apple Safari

Mobile Applications

New Features

  • Continued additions and fixes for the Logs Entry App - BETA


  • Nothing fixed

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