Viewing Past Inspections and the Status History of an Inspection

You can view the past inspection history of the asset and schedule associated with an inspection. You can also view the status history of the current inspection. To View inspection history information:

Step 1.

After logging into your ManagerPlus account, click on the “Inspections” icon in the ribbon on main page.

Step 2.

Open the desired inspection record by double-clicking on it.

Step 3.

Click on the “History” tab.

Step 4.

You can then click on either the “Past Inspections” or “Status History” tab.

Step 5.

From the “Selection” drop-down menu, select the list of past inspections you want to view. You will have the choice to choose from “Inspections for this Asset” or “Inspections for this Schedule Asset”.

 For “Status History”, you may view the history by clicking on the tab.

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