Copying an Asset Record

  This process cannot be done from a mobile device.

Often there is a great deal of repetition when creating asset records.  You can use the Copy Asset feature to create asset records for several assets with similar details.  For example, if you have to create asset records for 12 lawn mowers, you can save time by creating an asset for the first lawn mower and then copying it for the remaining lawn mowers.

Copying an asset can be easily done by following these few simple steps:

Step 1.

Click on the "Modules" tab, then click on the  Assets tab on the main ribbon of ManagerPlus.

Step 2.

Create a new asset or open an already existing asset from your desktop computer that you wish to copy.

 If creating a new asset, all required fields must be filled in and then saved before you can proceed to Step 3.  If you need help on how to create a new asset, see article, Creating an Asset Manually.

Step 3.

To copy an asset, click on the "Copy Asset" icon.

Step 4.

Type a name for the new asset, from here, you can select the items you want to include in the copied asset record by selecting the appropriate check boxes, which include:

  • Schedules
  • Parts
  • Notes
  • Attachments
  • Custom Fields

Step 5.

Once you have selected the items you want to include on the copied work order, you can continue in two ways, depending on what your needs are,  You can either select "Copy", which will copy the work order and allow you to continue to copy more work orders, using the same current template, or you can select "Copy & Close", which will copy the work order, then close the current screen, taking you to the newly copied work order.

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