Inventory Management - ManagerPlus Onboarding

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Articles to Read 

  1. Adding Inventory Manually
  2. Adding an Image to a Part Record
  3. Importing Your Inventory
  4. Storing Barcodes in an Inventory
  5. Creating Cycle Counts Manually
  6. Importing Cycle Counts

Videos to Watch   

  1. Effective and Manageable Inventory - Duration 16:58
  2. Inventory Setup - Duration 30:21
  3. Bins & Warehouses - Duration 10:40
  4. Restock and Reordering Inventory - Duration  11:40

Webinars to Attend   

  1. Inventory Creation and Management

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  1. Create a New Part
  2. Import a List of Parts
  3. Complete a Cycle Count

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