Asset Management - ManagerPlus Onboarding

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Articles to Read 

  1. How to Manage My Asset Settings
  2. Creating an Asset Manually
  3. How to Import Assets
  4. How to Link Common Parts to an Asset
  5. Adding an Image to an Asset
  6. Installing Components to your Asset

Videos to Watch   

  1. Creating Assets Effectively - Duration 27:11
  2. Logs and Gauges Setup - Duration 37:50
  3. Default Budgets - Duration 26:38
  4. Components vs. Child Assets - Duration 27:11

Webinars to Attend   

  1. Asset Creation and Management a ManagerPlus Live Education Webinar

Please complete the the following tasks.

  1. Create Log Types
  2. Attach Log Types to Categories
  3. Create Custom Fields
  4. Assign Custom Fields to Categories

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