Getting Started - ManagerPlus Onboarding

Please complete the following.

Articles to Read 

  1. Add and Edit Company Information
  2. Creating and Editing Users
  3. Creating an Employee Record 
  4. Setting Up Your  Home Page Dashboard
  5. Changing Your Password
  6. Creating Employee Certifications 
  7. Resetting a Forgotten Password
  8. Creating a Budget
  9. Creating a Budget Group
  10. Deleting a Budget

Videos to Watch   

  1. Security and Administration - Duration 25:09
  2. Employee Certifications - Duration 18:35
  3. Employees as ManagerPlus Users - Duration 21:24
  4. Default Budgets - Duration 23:38

Webinars to Attend

  1. Getting Started - A ManagerPlus Live Education Webinar

Please complete the following tasks.

  1. Update your company information
  2. Create your users and assign them roles
  3. If necessary create non-user employees
  4. Create and set your home screen dashboard

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