Importing Vendors

Nobody wants to spend the time adding vendors to ManagerPlus. That's why ManagerPlus created the Vendor Import Wizard. This article will teach you how to import your vendors.

 To learn how to add vendors one by one click here.

Step 1.

Select the "Modules" tab on the ManagerPlus main ribbon, then click on the "Vender" icon in the main menu.


Step 2

Click on the "Vendor Grid" icon located on the right side of the screen, then choose "Import" from the pulldown menu.


Step 3.

Click on the "Download Sample File" and enter your vendor data. Save the file in a location you can find to upload.

 Use this properly formatted CSV or Excel file to populate your asset information.  Please do not add any additional sheets or columns as the additional data will not import. 

Field Descriptions *Required Field

*VendorID: This identifies the Vendor. Every Vendor ID must be unique

*Vendor Name: Name of Vendor

*Display Name: The name that will display in reports, work orders, etc.

 Email Address: General vendor email address

 URL: Vendor Website URL

 Used In Work Orders: Answers if the vendor will be used in work orders. This should be "YES" or "NO"

 Phone: Vendor Phone number

 Address Line 1: Vendor address

 Address Line 2:Vendor address cont.

 City: Vendor city address

 State/Province:Vendor state or province

 Zip/Postal: Vendor zip or postal code

Step 4.

Follow the "Vendor Import" wizard.

Click upload and select the CSV or Excel file with your vendor data from step 3. Click next.

If you have not renamed any of the columns then it should complete mapping automatically. If you rename or change the order of the columns please make sure the data is mapped appropriately.  Click next. 

                Import Tab - The Import tab shows you data that will be imported.  Cells that are highlighted indicates the data in that cell is not currently a choice in the in the pull-down menu of that field.  The data will be added to the pull-down menu if it is not changed.  

                Error Tab - The Error Tab will show you the data that will not import.  You can hover over the data to get an explanation why it won't import.  You can click on the cell to change the data.

Once you have made changes, click "Import". All data in the import tab will import, all data in the error tab will not import.

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