Entering Non-User Employees

This article will help you enter employees as non-users to track work orders and labor costs.

Step 1.

Click on the "Modules" tab on the main ribbon of ManagerPlus, then click on the "Employees" icon in the main menu.


Step 2.

Click on the "New" icon and fill out the required fields.

Field Descriptions  *Indicates required fields

*Employee ID: Employee identifier.  Must be unique to every employee profile.

*Name: Employees full name.

*File As: What the User file will be saved as.

*Status: Records the status of an employee.

 Department: Department the employee is assigned to.

 Email: Employees email address.

 Barcode/Tag: Used only if the employee will be identified by a barcode or tag.

 Used In (Used for Work): Check if the employee labor cost will be recorded in work orders. A labor rate can be added after the employee profile is saved.

 Can Login To (M+ Work Requests): Check if you have the "Request Module". After saving the employee profile you will be able to create a password for the employee to use when logging into the Work Request website.


Step 3. 

Click "Save"

 This will also enable additional tabs for phone numbers, addresses..etc.

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