This article will walk you through setting up your named and mobile users. Understanding each user field will help when adding or changing a user. A description of each field is listed below. 

This article applies to + Basic, + Professional, and + Enterprise.


1.  Click the Options tab from the main ribbon of ManagerPlus, then User Management in the menu.

2.  To create a New User, click New and fill out the required fields and click the Save icon.

3.  To edit a Current User, select the User you need to edit and make the changes to the appropriate fields, click the Save icon when finished.

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User Field Descriptions

User Type:

Named User: Access to both the cloud application and the mobile application (if purchased)

Mobile User: Access only to the mobile application (if purchased)

Contact Type: 

User:  non-employee, non-vendor, non-customer

Employee:  If the user is an employee

Vendor:  If the user is a vendor

Customer:  If the user is a customer (available with the invoicing module)

Require Reset at Next Login:

Check If you want the user to create a new password the first time they login.

Used for Work:

Check If the user will be assigned to complete work orders.

Labor Rate:

Enter a labor rate for the user. This will be used to track labor costs of the user on work orders. 

 You have an option to hide this from other users based on their Role Name.

User Security Privileges:    A user must be saved to assign Security Privileges. You can add  phone numbers and pictures after the user has been saved.

The default User Security Privileges selections are Administrator, Full User, Read Only, and No Access. Each has different levels of access. Ask your system administrator to change user security privileges. If you are new to ManagerPlus or don't have a system administrator and need help, please contact customer service at 800-730-9965.

You can edit or create a role by clicking on the Manage Roles icon (gear) on the right side of the screen.