Creating a part to your inventory is simple. This article has step by step instructions how to manually add parts to your inventory.

If you want to import a large number of parts click here.

This article applies to + Basic, + Professional, and + Enterprise.


1.  Select the Modules tab on the ManagerPlus main ribbon, then click on the Inventory icon in the main menu.

2.  Click on the New icon, then enter the required fields and any additional fields you may have information for, click the Save icon when finished.

 Additional information in the Additional Units tab, Barcodes/Custom Fields tab, and tabs below will be activated when the part is saved.

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Field descriptions are listed below. *Required field

*Part #: Unique Identifier (can be vendor or manufacturer part number)

Description: Description of the part.

*Type: Type of part (used to group parts)

Serialized: Does the part have a serial number associated to it

*Status: The status of the part

*Base Unit of Measure: The way in which the parts/inventory is measured for quantities.