Adding a Service Item to a Work Order

Adding a service item to your Work Order is an integral part of completing your Work Order. Posting and tracking a service item is an important feature of the Work Order.

Step 1.

Create a new Work Order or open an already existing Work Order.

 If creating a new Work Order, all required fields must be filled in and then saved before you can proceed to Step 2If you need help on how to create a new Work Order, see article “How to Create a Work Order”.

Step 2.

Select the Service Items field, found on the bottom ribbon.

Step 3.

Click on  Add Service(s).

Step 4.

Select the needed service item from the generated list, then click OK. To learn how to add a service item to a Work Order lookup list, see Step 4a, otherwise continue to Step 5.

Step 4a.

After selecting  Add Service(s), click on the  New button.

Step 5.

Fill in the appropriate fields.

 Service Code:, Service Description:, and Service Class:, are required fields that must be filled out to add a Service Item to a Work Order.

Description of Terms:

*Service Code: This is the name of the Service Code you are creating.

*Service Description: This is the description of the Service Code you are creating.

*Service Class: This is the grouping you are associating the Service Code with.

Estimated Hours: List here the number of hours you anticipate the service item to take.

Estimated Labor Cost: List here the anticipated labor cost associated with the service item on the Work Order.

Active: Is this an active service item?

Source: Choose either Standard Rate or Override. Standard rate uses the standard rate set in the invoice settings, while Override allows you to set a different rate on the invoice.

Actual Average: The average amount of hours and labor cost for this Service Item and Work Order.

Work Order Count: How many Work Orders the service item has been a part of.

Rate Override: The dollar amount set here, will override the standard labor rate assigned in the invoice.

Click on the  Save or OK icon.

Step 6.

Estimated Hours and Estimated Labor Rate are automatically filled in when the Service Item is created.

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