Estimating a New Fiscal Year

 This process cannot be done from a mobile device.

You ManagerPlus can generate budgets for a new fiscal year based on a percentage of another budget. For example, when creating a budget, you can have ManagerPlus automatically estimate the monthly budgeted amount to be a specified percentage above, or below, the previous year’s expenses.

Creating a new fiscal year budget is simple. The following steps will help you create a new fiscal year budget:

Step 1.

After Logging into your ManagerPlus account, click on the "Modules" tab and then click on the  Budget icon in the main ribbon.

Step 2.

Select and open the budget you want to estimate a new budget from.

Step 3.

Click on the Add Next Fiscal Year icon.


Step 4.

Select the new “Fiscal Year” you just created in the fiscal year box.


Step 5.

Specify the increase or decrease in percentage using the “Calculate Estimates by Changing Previous Years Expenses By:”


Step 6.

Finally, click on the “Estimate Fiscal Year” icon.

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