Creating a Budget Group

 This process cannot be done from a mobile device.

There are two different kinds of budgets in ManagerPlus. Operation budgets and purchasing budgets. 

  • Operational Budgets: Operation budgets are designed to be assigned to assets.  Any work order expenses to the assigned assets are posted to that budget.
  • Purchasing Budget: Purchasing Budgets are designed for purchase orders and inventory adjustments.

Creating a Budget Group is simple. Just follow the steps below.

Step 1.

After Logging into your ManagerPlus account, click on the "Modules" tab and then click on the  Budget icon in the main ribbon.

Step 2.

On the left panel, click on the  New icon


Step 3.

Click on the  Look Up icon next to the "Budget Group" field.

Step 4.

Click on the  New icon.

Step 5.

Complete the appropriate fields

    Field Descriptions    *indicates a required field

  •     *Entity: A location, division, department, or any other organizational unit that you need to describe your company.
  •     *Group: Name of the Budget Group that the budget is assigned to.
  •      Description: A description of the budget. You can type up to 32 charters in this field. Providing a budget description is optional, it may be useful if you have similar named budgets.
  •     *Type: Choose the department this budget is assigned to.


Step 6.

When you have finished step 3, click on the  Save icon, then click on the OK icon.

Congratulations, you have finished creating a Budget Group.

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