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You can store barcode information for the parts in your inventory by adding them via the barcodes snap panel. You can add a barcode to a part record in a few easy steps:


Step 1.

After logging into your ManagerPlus account, click on the “Inventory” icon in the ribbon on main page.


Step 2.

Create a new inventory record or open an already existing inventory record from your record list.

 If creating a new inventory record, all required fields must be filled in and then saved before you can proceed to Step 3. If you need help on how to create a new inventory record, see article, “How to Create an Inventory Record Manually”.


Step 3.

Click on the “Barcodes” tab on the upper-right hand ribbon section.


Step 4.

Next, click on the “+ Add Barcode” icon.


Step 5.

Type the barcode into the “Barcode” field, then select a vendor from the drop-down list, or click “. . .” to select a vendor from the Vendors Lookup.


Step 6.

Once the barcode and vendor information has been added, click on the “Save” icon.